Polio Drops: It is just a rumour, officials insist



pampore2Vested Interests have spread the rumours about polio drops in the length and breadth of Kashmir. Almost everywhere people have started taking their kids to the hospitals for no reason.

Officials in Srinagar said the rumours have triggered massive crisis across Kashmir. They have asked parents not to panic as the polio drops were not expired as rumour mongers are claiming.

There are massive crowds of parents in all the hospitals across Kashmir. The panic is same in the city and in the periphery.

Rumour mongers are using mosque loud speakers to induce panic. Reports from south Kashmir said similar public announcements were made from mosque asking parents to take care of their kids. Officials said there is not a single report in which any kid has died after being administered polio drops. Zahoor Ragi, who spoke for the Director Health said their officers are monitoring almost in every hospital and so far they are yet to find a case.

Meanwhile Medical Superintendent GB Panth, Dr Shafqat Khan on Sunday said that the reports coming from various districts are baseless. “No death has been reported with the pulse polio vaccination from anywhere,” he said.

Dr Khan told a local news gatherer KNS that people are visiting the hospital from every nook and corner to check-up their children who were vaccinated from the wee hours of Sunday morning. “People should calm over the issue as the reports coming from the different areas are baseless. People should not pay heed over the issue,” he said.

Khan further said that people are visiting the hospital but after going through the check-up everything is alright. “There is no need panic over the issue and the tests conducted of the children are normal,” he said.

He said that the vaccination is meant for the well being of the children. “How come the vaccination led to the death of any children? Authority’s check the material before using it,” he said.


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