‘Poor Internet Services Irk Reliance Subscribers’

KL Report


The subscribers of Reliance Communications Services hailing from different areas of Kashmir including Srinagar city are having a harrowing experience in their effort to remain connected with the world.

According to Kashmir News Service, internet subscribers from Bemina, Qamarwari and other areas alleged that the internet connectivity of Reliance has turned from bad to worse over the past three months.

“The signal strength in my 3G connection has been very low and this seems to be the case with Reliance only,” said a government employee who is the post paid customer of the company and pays Rs 750 as monthly bill.

He said the facility is hardly helping him to access Internet as it remains out-of-order most of the times. He alleged that when he went to Reliance Office and complaint about the issue the Reliance officials misbehaved with him and advised him to switch to other service.

A Reliance 3G postpaid customer subscriber living in Bemina said that the Reliance team without any prior intimation disconnected his service.

“I fail to understand that despite the poor services they ask me to pay the bill and even disconnected my services. When I spoke to Reliance Zonal Manger he directed me to talk to Regional Manager. When I contacted the Regional manager he switched off his phone,” the subscriber alleged.

Another reliance net user from Qamarwari Bilal Ahmad said that though he registered complaints about the poor Internet service in his area several times “but every time he only got fake promises. I normally use internet for transaction which required uninterrupted connection. Due to the bad services I was unable to continue my transactions which led me inconvenience.”

No official from Reliance communications was available for the comment.


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