‘Poor Sanitation’ At Children’s Hospital Infuriate Attendants

KL Report


Patients visiting GB Pant Hospital—Kashmir’s only children hospital at Sonwar faces serious health problems due to ‘poor sanitation’.  The officials though reject the claim.

Scores of patients told local news agency KNS that there is need for quick intervention to change the situation to prevent them from hospital acquired infections. “Such situation can cause a serious infection to the patients with open wounds,” said an attendant Fayaz Ahmad who was accompanied with his children for treatment.

The attendants alleged that the post operative wards, corridors and toilets in the hospital are clogged with filth causing immense inconvenience to the patients and their attendants.  The poor sanitation at this key hospital that serves a huge population of nearly 10 districts has evoked strong resentment among the patients and the attendants.

Farooq Ahmad from Kursoo Rajbagh who accompanied his daughter for treatment, said that the poor sanitation at the hospital was exacerbated by filthy toilets.

“Situation is worse with the flush toilet which is always blocked due to lack of water. It is terrible to be here. One can have dangerous diseases on visiting here for a minor treatment,” he said.

A patient from Bemina claimed that each time he visits the toilet he vomits because of the heavy stench emanating from human feces.

Shamema, who is attending her daughter, is worried she may acquire an infection due to poor hygiene at the hospital.

Sources in the hospital told Kashmir Life that the sanitation of from main gate to the entrance of building is under the control of Cantonment board who have their own chief executive officer.

Regarding the sanitation inside the hospital, a senior official rubbished the claims and said that the ground floor has recently been outsourced and rest floors are managed by the hospital.

“See there is huge rush and then people don’t put their efforts to keep the toilets clean. We are trying our best. But what you said people claim is rubbish,” he told over phone.

When asked about the reason of outsourcing, he said, “this is on trail basis. Actually there is shortage of sanitation staff and we are in process to outsource it for better management,” he said.




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