Power Curtailment Can Add To Depression In Valley: Psychiatrists

KL Report


While raising their concern over the worsening power crises in valley some leading psychiatrists on Tuesday said the curtailment in electricity during nights could cause serious depression among the people in valley.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS),Dr. Aijaz Ahmad Khan said that the seasonal changes is one of the main causes of depression and particularly during winters, the people suffering from depression need to take extra care. “When it is winter that too without the proper supply of electricity, it is indeed the worst condition wherein the person can easily land in depression.”

Dr. Aijaz further stated that when there is no electricity during nights, the routine work of the person normally gets affected and that it could lead to his psychological problems. “When there is stress , depression to that person is inevitable.”

Dr. Hameedullah, valley’s leading psychiatrist said that the availability of the light is necessary for curing the depression and when the light is insufficient, the person’s depression level rises to the extent. “The studies reveal that the availability of the light helps the person to get away from the depression and light is main necessity for curing person’s depression.”

Pertinently, the recent studies have revealed that the percentage of depression in valley is 55.72 per cent .The study has further stated that more than half of the population is suffering from the mental illness-most of them from the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


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