Power Transmission To Ladakh Is Massacring Ganderbal Forests

by Umar Raina

Ganderbal: A transmission company which is executing the Ladakh – Alastang Ganderbal 220 KV power transmission line is axing and uprooting of hundreds of trees in Sindh forest range Division Ganderbal. Reliable sources said that the axed forests will take decades to be regenerated.

Power Transmission To Ladakh Is Massacring Ganderbal Forests

Sources revealed that more than 396 forest trees (Kail) have been cut down and uprooted in compartment number 23C and 22C of Sindh forest division Ganderbal only for laying the 220 KV transmission line. The company is using automatic tree cutters to undo the forests and pave way for the power line.

Our environment is under threat, we appealed the Governor to initiate step into this issue which has caused huge loss to our environment and forests, said locals.

Locals said while they see the massacre of forests daily, they have no idea, how many more are being felled. The company is quickly slicing the trees into logs and the process of transporting them is about to start.

The electricity supply system of Ladakh region is currently isolated from the Northern Grid and fed through the local small hydro generation and diesel generator sets. The region is experiencing energy shortage and accordingly to overcome this shortage, 220 KV Transmission Line has been planned to improve the reliability of power supply through interconnection with the Northern Grid.

The sanctioned cost of the Project is Rs 1,788 crore. The cost of the project will be borne by the Centre and State in the ratio of 95:5. The project was approved in January 2014. Once completed the project will feed power to Ladakh region and interlink J&K’s existing 66 KV system.

The power line is being termed prestigious and will move underground under Z-Morh and Zoji Pass. This will perhaps be the only power transmission line that will move underground for a good length.


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