Pray for my son, injured teen’s father pleads

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Outside the intensive care unit in one of the oldest medical facilities in Kashmir, Bilal Ahmad Kinoo takes several rounds in the corridor. Intermittently, he peeps through the glass door of the ward to check on his son Momin Bilal admitted in the Shri Maharaja Hari Singh hospital in Srinagar’s old city.

And when visitors arrive, Bilal accompanies them to the window pane where from Momin’s bed is visible and explains his health condition.

“Doctors told me we will have to amputate Momin’s finger so we need your signature. I signed. They amputated his finger and then handed over to me,” he explains.

The family buried the sixteen-year-old’s amputated finger in their ancestral graveyard at Saraf Kadal.

Momin was injured in ‘security forces’ firing on Wednesday evening when groups of protesters clashed with police.

As polls for Srinagar Lok Sabha Constituency concluded on Wednesday evening, the ‘security forces’ resorted to firing in Old City’s Nawa Kadal after clashes erupted in the area. The firing left Bashir Ahmad Bhat dead while several others including a woman and Momin were injured.

Momin who hails from Maharaj Gunj was hit by bullets in his both hands. Due to excessive bleeding and shock, he went into coma and was put on life supporting system.

Doctors have amputated a finger in his left hand. Momin’s father, who is an auto driver by profession, has only desire to see his ‘son safe’. “Please pray for his recovery,” he says to everyone, who comes to see his son including journalists.

“We are unable to eat and drink. My son should recover and that is all I want,” he says. Though Momin is recovering gradually and doctors are hopeful about his full recovery but Bilal is worried about his son’s amputated fingers.

“There must be some treatment like plastic surgery which can be done,” he asks.

Doctors say that Momin can be rehabilitated. “If four fingers of a patient are amputated, then an artificial hand is provided to the patient. But, in Momin’s case, he can be rehabilitated.”

Explaining further, the doctor says: “He will be taught how to work without one or two fingers. But amputated finger can’t grow or be surgically attached.”

Momin’s parents are relieved as they carefully listen to the doctor. “His condition has slightly improved. We are hopeful now. His life is out of danger,” his father says.

“But please pray for his recovery. All we need is your prayers,” he pleads.

The doctors are also hopeful Momin’s recovery. “Hopefully, we will shift him to General Ward tomorrow,” they say.

“Everyone came here. I am thankful to them. The government also sent its people here,” Bilal says, adding: I am hopeful they will not abandon us after few days. (GNS)

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