Pre-1953 Position Only Remedy For Kashmir Dispute: Dr Kamaal

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While reiterating his party’s commitment to fight for the restoration of pre-1953 position and calling it the only remedy within the constitutional framework to end the decades of uncertainty and mayhem, the additional general secretary of National Conference Dr Mustafa Kamaal said pre 1953 positions can be the stepping stone for peaceful and amicable settlement of the six decades old Kashmir dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir.Mustafa Kamal

As per a statement Dr Kamaal has said that NC has always, advocated and practiced peaceful political struggle espousing the cause of the people be it against the oppressive regime before 1947 or the forces of treachery and deceit after 1947. He said, “Had the  powers that be in New Delhi not unilaterally and unconstitutionally eroded the special status of J&K within the Indian Union as enunciated in the Delhi Agreement of 1952 and Article 370 of the Constitution based on the Instrument of accession of Late Maharaja Sir Hari Singh things,  as they are today in J&K,  would not have come to pass wherein thousands upon thousands of men, women and children lost their lives and hardly a habitation exists in Kashmir which does not have at least one killing of an innocent  person in these decades.”

For the demand of breaking away from Congress Dr Kamaal said that NC will fight them politically through thick and thin. “For NC, power is the only means to achieve the goal and not an end in itself. NC will take it if it suits public interest and kick it if it does not.”

Regarding rumours that some are toying with the idea of carving up J&K from within, Dr Kamaal has said that any move to divide the state will be resisted with full force as it is NC which has given ‘sacrifices’ to keep the state as one and strengthened this bond based on the rich values of amity, social and religious harmony fair and equitable treatment to all the three regions and a full say in the affairs of the state.

Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamaal was on a two day visit to Rajouri area where he attended workers meetings at Sunderbani Thanamandi, Khablan, Fatehpur and Rajouri apart from paying obeisance at the Durgah of Baba Guhlam Shah Badshah at Shahadra Sharief, Thanamandi.

While talking to workers at Thanamandi he informed them about the decision of the just concluded central working committee at Jammu about the elections of the party, local body election, elections to the Block development council and the 2014 Assembly election. He said, “Time has come when we must differentiate between falsehood and truth and unite to defeat forces and parties inimical to peace and welfare of the people.”


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