Principal GDC continuing as “care taker” for more than a decade; DAK seeks CM’s intervention



Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) is concerned about the deteriorating condition of Government Dental College (GDC), Srinagar.

Dr Suhail Naik, President DAK said that “we are continuously receiving delegations from GDC regarding the injustice being meted upon by its Principal.We are astonished that how can a person who has been given a charge of “Care Taker” many years back still continues to be on this sacred chair though according to Hon’ble Supreme Court guidelines government has to make a permanent arrangement for the post within 6 months”.

“It is pertinent to mention that the GDC Principal has also been charged with a criminal case in 2016 by vigilance dept.  of Kashmir vide no. VOK-FIR-33/2012K.3094-95 who have further recommended his removal from the post but he still continues to be there, unless and until there isn’t a deep-seated unholy nexus it wouldn’t have been possible that he is still continuing on that chair”, Dr Naik further added.

In this regard, an emergency meeting of DAK was held in which it was unanimously decided that since it is the matter of the highest chair of the dental fraternity so we cannot remain mute if the prestige of the chair is compromised.

DAK is of the know how that the Principal GDC is using all his resources in the power corridors to get himself confirmed for the post. DAK urges Chief Minister for immediate intervention in this grave issue and immediately remove the tainted Principal with a suitable and upright candidate so that sanctity of the prestigious Institute is maintained.


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