Privilege Motion Moved Against Taj

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Accusing Taj Mohi Din, senior minister in present government  of using derogatory and contemptuous remarks in his press conference against chairman legislative council and defaming the house, MLC Murtaza Khan and Syed Muhammad Rafiq Shah on Friday submitted a letter to the chairman asking him to initiate breach of privilege motion  and  take stringent action against the minister.

“His (Taj) intent was to lower the respect and dignity of the institutions of the chairman and to undermine the authority of his house,” read the letter, copy of which is with Kashmir Life.

Accusing Taj of going public with his derogatory remarks even after press conference, letter read, “ before and after press conference he (Taj) has also gone public by way of making press statements wherein he leveled frivolous and baseless accusations against the honorable chairman of the house as well as the house itself,”

The letter is enclosed with the statements and video clippings.

The duo were members of the house committee formed to investigate the land grab charges against the minister, which later due to lack of majority was dissolved



  1. These coalition partners have become masters of our state.They can go to any extreme nobody can harm them unless and untill public teaches them a harsh lesson in coming elections.


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