Prized Musk Deer Caught in Ganderbal Dies Due to ‘Improper Handling’



Photo Courtesy: Facebbook
Photo Courtesy: Facebbook

A musk deer held captive by locals in Lari area of Kangan in Ganderbal district has died due to “improper handling”, authorities told Kashmir Life.

Earlier, locals had captured dodgy deer specie prized for its aromatic musk pod, report had said.

Aaliya Mir of Wildlife SOS, an NGO, said that the animal is highly shy and averse to close contact with humans. “I got the report in morning before I sent a team to retrieve the deer,” Mir said. “It turned out that the creature had died at 11 AM only.”

The Wildlife authorities will be burying the animal now. There are no estimates about the number of Musk Deer found across Kashmir but experts say that just 5000 are believed to be in the Himalayan region.

Male Musk deer are often captured and culled for extraction of musk pod. Just 10 grams of deer musk fetches around Rs 50,000 in the open market.


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