Prof Marghoob Banhali’s Son Pens Down Eulogy To Him

SRINAGAR: The demise of our esteemed father, Prof Margoob Banhali, was nothing less than a colossus loss for us which drowned us into an inconsolable situation of shock and grief!

Yes he was an institution in him-self who carved a niche for himself in the literary, academic, cultural and social circles, who left indelible marks on the minds of all those who came in contact with him including his students, his colleagues, academics, researchers, social scientists, his fans and acquaintances. The rich legacy left behind by him as also his contribution in terms of his publications will continue to serve people from academia, social & cultural organizations for years to come.

For Margoob family he was the cause for our being what we are today. Allah had blessed us with a unique personality in him as our affectionate father,  friend, philosopher and guide who continued to do our hand holding till we were able to stand on our own and then guided us in all our worldly and spiritual affairs till his end. He was a living example of always standing by ones principles. Therefore his departure for his heavenly abode has left us orphaned in every sense of the word!

And your standing by our side, your condolences and messages of sympathy have been a great source of relief and comfort to us in these moments of profound grief and sorrow.

We feel indebted to our neighbors, relations, friends & colleagues, acquaintances  as also a host of social, religious, cultural and political organizations who expressed their sympathies with us by different means of communication or in condolence meetings held to mourn the death.

We were really overwhelmed by the spontaneous response to the breaking of the news of his departure from this fleeting world in the form public grieving and a deluge of condolence messages from far and wide.

Since it is humanly impossible for us to respond and gratefully acknowledge the support, comforting words of sympathy & condolences offered by all the respected individuals, institutions, organizations and groups or religious, cultural, social and political organizations, we convey our sincere gratitude to all of them through this message from the Margoob family.

Dr Mushtaq Ahmad Margoob and family.


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