Prof Talat Pleasing Congress Masters In Delhi: KUSU

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Banned Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) has condemned the alleged dictatorial approval of Vice Chancellor (VC) Talat Ahmad in gifting away university land at Zakura to certain vested interests.

In a statement issued to KNS, the KUSU said, “The VC cannot impose his will on this crucial decision without the approval of University council. The setting up of CCD in university is another issue that speaks volumes about VC’s covert dealings and agendas. CCD was imposed on the University students by Kapil Sibal after 16 students of NSUI visited Delhi in November 2011. Kapil Sibal had said to the students that if Hurriyat leaders go to coffee houses why you don’t have a hanging spot in the campus”.

According to the statement , no University in India itself including Delhi University has any CCD or similar outlet on the campus. “KU’s student community mostly belongs to lower middle class and setting up CCD in the campus makes no sense at all. Moreover, the university authorities are not disclosing the ownership details of CCD and VC has gone on record saying that the property belongs to the “owners” while at the same time not revealing who they are”, it added.

“It is reminiscent of the Amarnath Land transfer and one of the most used methods by the Indian state to usurp Kashmiri Land. Also the mushroom growth of ATMs in the campus is bizarre to say the least. There are only four ATMs from Dalgate to Lal Chowk which is the business hub of Kashmir while there are five ATMs in the campus alone where majority of students are from villages belonging to lower middle class. It is nothing but blatantly presenting the university on a platter to the corporate vultures”, reads the statement.

“The statement of VC, Talat Ahmad that university students are ignorant and thus do not respect Indian national anthem, is nothing but a joke. The VC is trying to be more loyal than the king in pleasing his Congress Masters in India.

Talat Ahmad is delusional or at least trying to be one, in believing that Kashmir is a part of India and that the students of KU can be forced into singing praises of a nation that has occupied and oppressed us over the last 65 years. His colonial mindset and “more loyal than the King” attitude has seen the campus turn into a favorite spot for Indian politicians to carry out their imperial agenda. Talat Ahmad is hypocritically allowing student bodies of Congress, NC, PC to carry out their political activities on campus while at the same time he denies it; even as the only student Union in KU— KUSU- remains banned”, it added.

“VC, Talat Ahmad’s recent statement about backdoor entries is effectively aimed to legalize back-door entries in the campus and in despicable. Instead of weeding out corruption, he is trying to legalize it by citing emotional reasons.

Where is his concern for the families of the students when the course fee is hiked unnecessarily? Rampant corruption in university is badly affecting the students and the appeasing policies of VC aren’t making the things any better”, reads the statement.


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