Progress Doesn’t Mean Immorality: Mirwaiz

KL Report


Asking parents, teachers and society to play their vital role in imparting moral education among children, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq has said that it is Islam that recognized women rights first and gave the women highest status.

“Those who speak about women rights in West and Europe are themselves violators of their rights. It is those areas where women rights are being violated”, said Mirwaiz while addressing seminar on ‘Rights of women in the light of Islam on Wednesday.

He said, “We have to introspect where we stand in respecting the women rights. We often receive complaints against domestic violence, discrimination in offices and other institutions; Islam prohibits any kind of discrimination and teaches us both rights and responsibilities”. He said that immorality couldn’t be named as modernization, progress and development.

He said that people commit non Islamic acts over the name of Islam like that in marriages by demanding and receiving dowry from bride. “Today, some people express resentment over the birth of female baby as they worry about their marriage expenses. Both man and woman have to morally be correct. Qur’an speaks in detail and directs to respect women and her rights”.

In this function various students from different schools participated and the best speakers were awarded. Various prominent scholars and intellectuals were present at the function.


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