Protest In Srinagar Against Liquor Shops

by Ibtisam Fayaz Khan

SRINAGAR: Several youth associated with Janata Dal (United), Jammu and Kashmir unit on Monday held a protest against alcohol consumption and its evil consequences rising in the state.

Youth associated with Janta Dal United Srinagar unit on Monday staged a peaceful protest demanding closure of all liquor shops in Kashmir. Kl Image by Bilal Bahadur

The protesters under the leadership of State youth president, Sheikh Aijaz Ahmad gathered at Press Enclave here at Srinagar said that government wants to make Kashmir (the valley of saints) a liquor hub by granting new licenses for its sale.

They were carrying placards seeking a ban on all liquor shops in Boulevard and Sonwar areas of Srinagar.

The placards read: ‘We Won’t Allow Outsiders To Disturb Peace’, Close Down Liquor Shops.’

While talking to reporters JDU youth president Aijaz Ahmad said that Jammu and Kashmir is the only Muslim majority region in India and the people of Kashmir have high religious consciousness due to the presence of vast numbers of Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist shrines.

He said that the free movement of alcohol and drugs have destroyed the young generation and also the structure of our Kashmiriyat.

“Our youth and new generation, instead of going in business and economic sectors, are becoming addicted to alcoholism,” he said.

“It is the responsibility of religious groups, society, social organizations and political parties to take crucial steps to save our youth and its total prohibition,” he added.

“We appeal to the government to think about the future of Kashmir and Kashmiri people. You are claiming to wage a war against drugs but allowing liquor shops to function normally,” said another protesting youth.

He said drunkards create scenes on daily basis due to which the woman folk are facing a lot of difficulties.


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