Protest To Return Afzal’s Body In Srinagar

Human rights activist demanding the return of Afzal’s body in press colony Srinagar. Photo by: Bilal Bahadur


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Terming the return of the body of Afzal Guru, a humanitarian issue, Forum for Justice and Human rights chairman, Mohammad Ahsan Anto on Tuesday protested against what he calls “a legal custodial killing” of Afzal Guru and in favour of the return of his body.

Anto appeared in the press colony with a banner hanging in his neck reading “hang every Kashmiri or return Afzal’s body to his relatives”.

Anto demanded that Afzal’s body should be returned immediately to his relatives. He threatened that if the body of Afzal is not returned in two weeks of time he will go for an indefinite hunger strike outside the parliament in New Delhi.

In the southern town of Shopian, the local bar Association also held a protest demanding immediate return of the body of Afzal. Shopian bar association said that they will support any protest programe favouring the return of the Afzal’s body.

The situation in Kashmir is brewing to press for the return of Afzal’s body. Hurriyat (G) has already announced its protest calendar of three days starting from Wednesday.


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