Protesters Slam NC Minister In Old City

KL Report


National Conference general secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar had to face peoples’ wrath at large in old city on Saturday with youth raising slogans against dearth of proper accommodation for the flood affected people.

Reports informed that as the senior cabinet minister and general secretary of the ruling national conference visited various flood affected areas of the old city, people came out in opening complaining in front of the minister-the inaction of the government over providing any respite to the flood hit people of Srinagar.

Eyewitnesses told KNS that as Sagar was busy in taking stock of the situation in old city, he was covered by scores of people who expressed their dismay over government’s performance during the recent catastrophic floods. Others cornered the minister- asking him about the absence of any relief camp organized by the government. Sagar listened to people as his guards continued to make security cover around him.

Sagar later had to face people’s wrath in some areas of his turf wherein protesters accused the minister of remaining in slumber when his presence of ground was needed most.  “We were forced to spend days and nights under open sky. There was no community hall, no relief centre established by the government in Khaniyar. What for is the minister coming now,” shouted one protester.

“At one point, the state ministers announce before TV cameras that free ration of 50 Kgs per month has been allotted to each house hold in the state for the period of six months but when the concerned depots are approached, the officials there say they have no order of such nature in possession,” said Ghulam Rasool Mir, an upper town resident. He added that when such is the condition of ground, it could be imagined what would be the fate of people in the coming days.

“We heard that ration was provided to the people at various areas but there are scores of other localities that are in the desperate need. The areas wherein the flood victims have taken refuge must be looked into so that appropriate measures are taken by the state government in ending the crises that are being felt on ground,” said a person namely  Zahoor Ahmad.


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