Protest Against Director SKIMS Continues

KL Report


Alleging that the Director SKIMS has turned the institute into a hub of corruption hub, Non Gazetted Employees Welfare Association (NGEWA) continues their protest on Tuesday.

Holding banners reading ‘Institute Bachao, Director Hatav’, protesters were chanting anti Director slogans and appealing the authorities to intervene to save the institute.

The protests are held for one hour on daily basis and according to protesting employees it will continue till the Director is removed and an independent inquiry is ordered against the Director.

Responding to the protesting employees, Director SKIMS Dr Showkat Zargar had said, “There are a few employees who protest.  They don’t have any authority to make allegations and to protest. All allegations are baseless. They’re government employees and have not right to protest”.


  1. proper investigation should be done. if found true , should be thrashed out from department.
    keep kashmiri phrase in mind then investigatew the matter. (rood pani wathiya rub )

  2. There is no doubt about the allegations leveled against the Director SKIMS. .Every thing seems shattered in the institution. On the one hand private practice of doctors has added to the patisseries of poor masses and secondly;y the mis-management of the prime medical institute. Authorities to rise to the occasion and replace the Director by an honest,dynamic,courageous person , like our present Chief Secretary. I dare to say Let the present Chief Secretary monitor the overall administration of Medical institute both on medical and administrative side through his trusted aides.


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