Provocations Apart, Pak Army Must Prove Its Sincerity On Border: Er Rasheed


Asking India and Pakistan to end the blame game and ensure that no more human lives are lost on both sides of LOC, Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has said that it is unfortunate to watch people on either side of LOC losing lives without any fault.

In a statement, Er Rasheed said: “If both the countries are sincere and want peace at the borders they must agree to deploy observers from United Nations, SAARC or some credible organization to maintain the ceasefire and to check which of the two sides start the shelling.”

“If the shelling continues, despite repeated meetings and agreements between two countries, then deployment of unbiased observers can prove to be the key of maintaining peace at least at LOC,” Er Rasheed said.

“Innocent civilians, who lose their life, peace of mind and property due to cross-border shelling, do not even knowing what provokes India and Pakistan and why the bloodbath continues on LOC,” said Er Rasheed.

He said that the people, especially women and children, of border areas from RS pora to Keran are forced to live a miserable life under a continuous and constant state of fear.

“Not only that but the children of these areas are losing their precious schooling days,” he said adding that deploying observers should not be seen as a matter of ego rather it may help in bringing normalcy at least at the LOC.

Er Rasheed asked both the countries to show maturity and sincerity and understand the necessity of peace. He appealed to national media not to add fuel to the fire and understand the fact that it is never a one-sided affair.

“None of the parties throw flowers in retaliation to the shelling on LOC and nobody other than Kashmir’s are affected on both the sides,” he added.

He appealed to Pakistani government not to lose patience and not to forget that the people of Jammu and Kashmir value, with high regards, the efforts of Pakistani Government to get Kashmir issue resolved. He added that the Pakistani forces need to prove their sincerity by avoiding firing on innocent border residents despite provocations from the other side.


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