PSA on Auqaf Head: Lawmaker Rashid ‘Warns Govt of Dire Consequences’



Auqaf President Kulgam
Fayaz Ahmad Rather

MLA Langate and Awami Ittehad Party chief Er Rashid Thursday warned government of “dire consequences” if it doesn’t stop “terrorising Kashmiris one way or the other”.

In a press statement issued today, Rashid strongly condemned slapping draconian Public Safety Act on religious cleric Fayaz Ahmad Rather of Kulgam, for leading funeral prayers of LeT commander Abu Qasim.

Rashid said, “the said cleric has done no crime by offering the funeral prayers as it is religious obligation of every Muslim to offer the same. The act amounts to infiltration in religious affairs and government must release the cleric without any condition.”

“Muslims in the state are being treated like second class citizens and are facing discrimination at all levels and their religious and fundamental rights are being curtained at various levels and their identity is at stake. It is unacceptable that in a Muslim majority state Muslims are being forced to live under threat and fear.  The Hindu goons are being given a free hand to attack Muslims in Udhampur, Pir Panchal region and now even in the valley and just offering a funeral has now become such a big crime that religious clerics could also be booked for this so called crime. Not only the truck drivers but students, businessmen, govt employees and their political leaders are being threatened in Jammu, which is unacceptable,” he said.

Condemning protests against JKLF chief, Mohammad Yasin Malik, in Jammu, he said, “it is yet another example and Muslims have a right to know why Hindu goons can’t be booked for these repeated dirty acts. Kashmiris have a right to protect themselves and will be at liberty to take the necessary measures.”

Rashid asked Mufti Mohammad Sayeed to “restrain from crossing the limits and warned police about the possible reaction from Kashmiris for its failure not to deal with Sang Parivar goons but to make life of Muslims miserable everywhere”.


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