‘PSA on Langate Trio’: Er Rasheed Staged a Protest in Lal Chowk



Er Rasheed during a sit-in in Lal Chowk.
Er Rasheed during a sit-in in Lal Chowk.

Dozens of AIP workers including Er Rasheed Monday were arrested in Lal-Chowk after they defied police restrictions and staged a protest against slapping of PSA against three Langate youth.

Hundreds of protestors surfaced near Lal-Chowk this afternoon and started a sit-in near Ganta-Ghar raising slogans against slapping PSA on the said youth.

“Police used force to disburse the protestors and during scuffle with the police, few protestors were critically injured and shifted to hospital,” Er Rasheed said.

“Police is keen bent to destroy future of youth just to please New Delhi and send a notion that India’s control in Kashmir would be impossible without draconian laws and limitless powers to so called protectors of law.”

“Police force is black mailing New Delhi for its perks, privileges and promotions and few Muslim police officers are trying to prove more loyal than the king.”

Er Rasheed demanded immediate release of the arrested persons and said that it is high time that there should be a political consensus to abolish the “dirty PSA”.

“Police forcefully disbursed the protestors and arrested more than two dozen protestors including Sarpanchs,” Rasheed said.



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