PSC Chairman Rules Out Differences Among Members

KL Desk


Breaking Silence over the recent controversies looming over the state Public Service Commission (PSC), chairman of the elite recruiting agency S L Bhat Tuesday said that there was nothing wrong in selection process for the state Judicial Service.

“I am personally fully satisfied with the procedure adopted in the selections.  Since I have also read it in the news papers and when the case is now pending with the SC, the situation demands that I should not comment on the issue, but yes I am satisfied with the procedure that has been adopted.” Bhat told KNS from Jammu on Tuesday.

Bhat also ruled out any differences among the members of the Public Service Commission.

“No, everything is going alright. There are no differences among the members whatsoever”, insisted PSC Chairman when asked if there were any differences among the members of the commission.

One whether any member or former member of the commission had written to higher authorities regarding functioning of the commissioner, he said, “if somebody has written to any authority, let that come on my table and only after that I would be able to comment on the whole affair”.

Pertinently the Public services Commission was caught in fresh controversy last week when aspirants alleged of malpractices in the Judicial Services Selection and accused the authorities of violating the rules for the selection.

However the cracks between the members of the commission also came to fore when one of its members reportedly accused Chairman S.L.Bhat of not taking some commission members into confidence while dealing with important issues. The member is understood to have expressed his dismay over the conduct of the commission business. The chairman however while rubbishing the accusation said that the concerned member would be in a better position to explain the matter.


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