PSUF questions Modi’s silence over harassment to Kashmiri students


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Private Schools United Front (PSUF) has condemned the thrashing and harassment of Kashmiri students outside the state and questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence over the constant harassment to students and frauds happening in other parts of country.

The front said that entire student community of Kashmir was waiting eagerly for PM to announce some steps for safety and well being of Kashmiri students studying outside the state. “Today one of the biggest issues in Kashmir was the bloody attack on our students in Haryana where Modi’s own party BJP is in power. Eight Kashmiris were injured during this attack and hundreds are feeling scared,” said G N Var, general Secretary PSUF. “This is not an isolated incident as such incidents are increasing and it is becoming a question of security for thousands of our students outside the state.”

The front said that one of the root cause of these kind of incidents is Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS). “It is this scheme which is being run in the name of Prime Minister but is actually a big fraud running into hundreds of crores,” said Var. “With no accountability the money under this scheme is given to third grade colleges outside the state who have no concern for safety or even academics of Kashmiri students. When our students go there they find no infrastructure, no faculty and worst no security. Even there is no officer with whom they can share their agony.”

Earlier Kashmiri students were thrown into jails by labeling them as anti-national elements without any evidence and now the trend has changed into these incidents. No government is serious to solve such problems,” said Var.

The front also questioned the claim of Kashmir being made into educational hub. “The PM said Kashmir should be turned into a place where students from other states come to study. But the reality is that the government doesn’t allow private education infrastructure to come up in Kashmir. The people who want to invest in private education sector are denied NOC’s and other documents,” said Var. “It is a joke that government demands that quality colleges should come up here and when we want to invest, it simply vetoes our plans.”


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