No need of sermons from ‘hangman’ Omar: Sajad

KL Report


Peoples Conference chairman Sajjad Gani Lone Monday said the tweet by Omar Abdullah insinuating that we arranged vehicles for Prime Minister’s rally is yet another sign of his drift into a state of complete delusion.

“If we desired to help anybody we would do it openly, unlike Mr. Abdullah who attacks BJP by the day and goes down on his knees by the night,” Lone said.

Lone said “Omar should introspect and look within whether he is in a position to sermonize and lecture me.”

“This person who has been a poster boy of a BJP led government in the past, this person who ordered killing of youngsters in the 2010 agitation, this person who endorsed and Okayed the hanging of Afzal Guroo, this person’s father as Chief Minister signed the warrant of hanging of Mr. Maqbool Bhat, this person’s party expelled Saifudin Soz for voting against BJP, this person’s father rejoiced when POTO was extended to J & K and expressed joy at POTO making an all India debut in J & K has the audacity to point fingers at someone who has never been in power,” he said.

Sajad said let Omar answer how many people were detained under his or his father’s rule under the draconian PSA, how many people were killed in faked encounters under him and his father’s rule.

“Donning the cap of a grieving Kashmiri is not as easy as Omar thinks. You can’t don the cap of a grieving Kashmiri and a hangman at the same time. On the contrary let Mr. Omar know that while he was enjoying his stay outside J & K in the early nineties, I was jailed and interrogated and tortured like thousands of fellow Kashmiris. I take pride in being a commoner and having suffered like the rest of the common populace. I don’t have to prove my Kashmiri credentials to NC or for that matter the PDP. Let both of them have a peep into their past. I could write a book on the injustices against the people of Kashmir by the National Conference, “he said.

Sajad said Omar is particularly frustrated because in all probabilities he is going to face defeat in both the constituencies at the hands of our candidates, Laldin Mir in Sonwar and Dawood Bilal Lodhi in Beerwah.

“The duo are giving him a tough fight and Mr. Abdullah is venting his frustration by inventing stories against us,” Sajad said, adding “ It is also sad that he has brought the chair of Chief Minister into disrepute by spreading false information on twitter and actually going down to the level of a troll. Good luck to him in the world of trolls. (CNS)


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