PUF stages protest against Vikramaditya for insulting 1931 martyrs’


People’s united front carried out on Saturday a protest march in Srinagar against the remarks used by Grandson of Maharaja, Vikram Aditya Singh who had shamelessly called names against martyrs of 13th July 1931.

PUF stages protest against Vikramaditya for insulting 1931 martyrs’

Led by Er Rasheed protesters were holding play cards seeking the arrest of Vikram Aditya Singh and were also chanting slogans asking NC and PDP to explain their relations with Congress, Vikram Aditya Singh and those forces who are praising Maharaja every day. Protesters marched from Regal Chowk to Press Colony.

Talking to media persons on the occasion Er Rasheed said, “We don’t want to indulge in blame game, but it is shameful that a person who happens to be Grandson of Maharaja Hari Singh rather collecting courage to seek apology for the heinous crimes committed by his father and grandfather is getting involved in character assassination of national heroes of J&K, who fought against all odds and laid down their lives against the autocratic rule.”

“ Aditya Singh needs to be reminded that during the recently concluded parliamentary election as a Congress nominee he claimed to be representing so-called secular forces and was supported by main regional parties NC and PDP,” Er Rasheed said.

However, after facing a humiliating defeat he is trying to become more communal than the non-communal forces. The martyrs of 13th July 1931 did not fight against Maharaja for being Hindu but laid down their lives against the brutal system of autocracy,” he said.

Er Rasheed asked Vikram Aditya Singh to collect the courage and before calling martyrs as rapist he should answer who legalized prostitution in J&K.

Er Rasheed asked NC and PDP leadership to apologize for openly supporting Vikram Aditya Singh during the recently concluded Parliament election and reminded both the parties that they have always acted as proxies of New Delhi by representing a viewpoint of Congress and BJP in the state from time to time. He said, “How can NC abuse Maharaja in Srinagar but seek holiday on Maharaja’s birthday in Jammu. The hypocrisy must end and NC should clear its stand over Maharaja’s rule. Congress too needs to understand that its politics of exploitation has lost the ground and its claims of being secular stand exposed. Congress must either expel Vikram Aditya Singh or apologize for his statement or must toe the line of communal forces publically.”

Er Rasheed condemned the resolution passed by Jammu Municipal Corporation seeking holiday on eve of Maharaja’s birthday and said that action should be taken against the members of Jammu Municipal Corporation for praising Maharaja who committed huge atrocities on people of State.

He asked people to understand how in an organized and systematic manner the history is being distorted and how to implement the notorious agenda efforts are on to abolish and abrogate the role of National heroes who laid down their lives for our better tomorrow. Protesters burnt an effigy of Vikram Aditya Singh and took a pledge that they will protect the sacrifices of their martyrs.


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