Pulwama Attack fallout: India should behave like a well-educated nation, Afridi says


Following the accusations that Pakistan is “sponsoring” the militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, the former Pakistan captain, and start cricketer Shahid Afridi said that people find out their true friends during tough times and added that educated people don’t behave like the way India is behaving on this issue.

In an interview with the senior journalist and anchorperson of Pakistan Hamid Mir, Afridi said; “You find out who your friends are at difficult times. What are they trying to show the world that they are educated? Educated people don’t behave in such a manner.”

Afridi said that India is blaming Pakistan without any proof and backed Imran Khan’s statement regarding the Pulwama attack last Thursday. “Without any proof, they are putting all the blame onto Pakistan straight away. PM Imran Khan has once again spoken on this matter in a positive & clear way to explain that Pakistan wants to have good relations with not only India but also Afghanistan, Iran & China,” Afridi was quoted as saying by a Pakistan journalist.

Earlier, Imran Khan had said that Pakistan had nothing to gain from these kinds of attacks as the country is moving towards stability. Khan further made it clear that Pakistan will retaliate if India decides to attack them and added by saying that the issue should be solved through dialogue.


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