Pulwama Killings: Bar Condemns, Supports Strike Call



J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar Sunday strongly condemned the killing of two innocent civilians one of whom was an engineering student and injuring of about a dozen civilians by the forces at Lalhaar Pulwama.

Bar supported the strike call given by the pro-freedom parties for tomorrow so as to register its protest against these barbaric killings.

“The Bar Association feels that at a time when an FIR has been registered against Prof SAR Geelani at Delhi and the President of JNU Students Union has also been booked in a frivolous case and the witch hunting of Kashmiri students reading in JNU and other institutions of India by police is going on, killing of innocents in Kashmir and injuring dozens of them amply shows that India is hell-bent to subjugate the people of Kashmir wherever they are living or putting up and also not to spare those who support their case of freedom. The killing of two innocent persons at Lalhaar Pulwama should be an eye opener and inuring a dozens of people over there for those who day in and day out propagate that India is a democratic country where freedom of speech, expression and freedom of forming any association and to protest on any issue concerning them as India stands fully exposed in using all methods and measures of suppression and oppression of the people of Kashmir, who are only claiming that they should be allowed to exercise their right of self-determination in accordance with the resolutions passed by the Security Council of UN,” a statement issued Bar said late this evening.

The Bar Association requests the Human Rights Organizations of United Nations and other international human rights groups and other conscious people of India to put “pressure on Indian government and its leaders so as to force it to stop the killing” of innocent people of Kashmir and also witch hunting of Kashmiri students studying outside the state and also to “concede to the Right of Self Determination” of the people, so that peace and tranquillity is established in the sub-continent.


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