Pulwama Students Counselled Through ‘Video Conferencing’



A Pune based NGO, Aseem Foundation, Saturday in collaboration with Pulwama Degree College organized a day long career counselling seminar in Information and Technology at the College campus.

“At least nine schools from all over India participated in the career counselling, through a video conferencing system, including Maharashtra, Assam and Jammu and Kashmir,” a statement said.

On this occasion Principle Degree College Pulwama, Abdul Hamid Sheikh, said that the young people of the college will benefit from programmes like these, and by utilizing the shared experience their chances of getting into professional and technical college will improve.

Sameer Duggal, Vice Presdient, Sumphony telecom cooperation Bangalore on this occasion said that the foundation organizes carrier counselling sessions like these every month in different states of India.

The students who participated in the counselling session said that benefited from the programme and would like to be part of this effort in future.

Aseem Foundation has taken up this special session project to guide and mentor the students and youth through interaction with coeval students as well experienced and successful people from the rest of India.

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