Punjab police thrashes Islamabad youth, accuses him of being a ‘terrorist’


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Srinagar: Days after the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti took a strong exception to the reported roughing up of two Kashmiris in Bangalore, a native of Islamabad was allegedly beaten up by four policemen of Punjab Police near Chandigarh on Sunday.

Narrating his tale of woe, Mukhtar Ahmad from Islamabad, said he along with his family was on way from Amritsar to Chandigarh when four policemen of Punjab police stopped him and asked to report at police post-Khanpora.

“I had no alternative but to report at the police post khanpora near the flyover. The four policemen – three head constables and a sub-inspector who was under the influence of liquor, started beating me ruthlessly,” Mukhtar said in a message which went viral in the social media.

“Without assigning any reason for the beating, they continued hitting my left and right for 15-25 minutes. My children who were in the vehicle outside the police post came in and asked the policemen the reason for this highhandedness,” he added.

Mukhtar said the policemen used abusive language and told him that he “looks like a terrorist, you are Kashmiri, hence you are, stone pelter and look like a terrorist. They did not listen to me and my pleas to clarify my position fell on the deaf ears.”

“I told them that they can contact DIG Kashmir or SP Islamabad to verify my credentials but they did not listen to me. They continue to say that I look like a terrorist and abused me and misbehaved with my children. I told them what measuring rod you have to judge a person as a terrorist. I told them to see my identity card and get it verified. They did not listen.”

He further said that when public outside gathered, they agreed to see my Identity card,I told them that I am ready to face any investigation. After some time they saw my card and I was allowed but they destroyed the insurance policy of the vehicle and noted the vehicle number.

“After covering a distance of two to three kilometres I stopped the car and was undecided whether to go back or proceed towards Chandigarh.”

“The incident has shocked me. Being a Kashmiri is a sin. We are not safe in our homes or outside. Where to go. I had come to Amritsar for treatment of an ailment. Had there been good hospitals and medicines in our Kashmir, why should one risk life and come to outside the state.”, he said adding two youths were roughed up in Bangalore some days back.

Mukhtar alleged that the state government is enjoying power. They have no care for the people they rule.

He said he is not sending the message to the people of Kashmir for any help. God has given me enough. People who know me are aware that I am not afraid of anything. But if  I or my family is harmed the Punjab police is responsible as they have noted my vehicle number and can go to any extent to harm me.

Mukhtar thanked his luck that it was daytime that he was confronted by the Punjab policemen. Had it been evening or night they would have killed me. Kashmir Wire


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