‘Pvt Schools Admit Brilliant Students, Govt only To Increase Literacy Rate’


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The state government has accepted in the legislative assembly that the performance of students enrolled in private school is good compared to that of students enrolled in government schools.

The government also has admitted that the performance of students belonging to middle and upper middle class is being monitored by their parents while as, the parents of disadvantage group are often engaged for their livelihood away from their homes and they do not get sufficient time to monitor progress of their wards, stated concerned minister.

As per the figures presented by the government, the ratio of students and teachers in district Ramban of Jammu region was observed to be highest at 1: 58 in higher secondary school (HSS), 1:30 in higher secondary (HS)and 1: 21 at MS and 1: 16 at PS. While as the lowest in Jammu region was recorded in district Samba, where it was recorded to be at 1:15 in HSS, 1:13 at HS, 1:11 at MS and 1:7 at PS.

In Kashmir division, the highest ratio was observed in district Islamabad at 1:51 at HSS, 1:12 at HS in Baramulla district, 1:13 at MS in district Baramulla and 1:24 at PS in Shopian district. While as lowest has been recorded in 1:06 at HSS in Leh district, 1:05 at HS in district Leh and 1:05 at MS in district Leh.

The reasons the state government has stated for the poor performance of government schools are that they are having poor infrastructure as compared to the private schools.

“Private schools admit brilliant students after screening and further the parents of middle and upper middle class prefer to admit their ward in private schools and impart coaching to their ward throughout the year. Whereas, Government Schools admit all the children in order to raise the literacy rate. And it is a fact that the students belonging to disadvantage groups take admission in government Schools,” the minister informed the house.


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