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At the moment, Qatar is quite popular among foreigners. This is largely due to the upcoming 2022 World Cup. Because the largest number of workers and builders is involved in this event. Qatar job search is a very relevant topic today given the World Cup. But this work is not the only one. Qatar is not only rich, but also open to foreign workers from around the world and provides them with comfortable living conditions and consistently high wages. But in order to have a decent job in Qatar, employers make a number of requirements, the main of which is knowledge of a foreign language, without which it will be difficult for a foreigner to apply for a highly qualified job.

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Work in Qatar

A huge number of vacancies are available for foreigners in Qatar, from service personnel to managers of large companies. The first thing you need to do to find a job is to decide on the job in which the foreigner plans to work. Qatari employers make the aspect as mentioned above on knowledge of English and the availability of appropriate qualifications or education. One of the most popular vacancies among foreigners is

  •       hospitality business
  •       fitness clubs
  •       IT specialists
  •       teachers
  •       medical field, etc.

Hotels in Qatar are mostly 5-star, so this is one of the most popular areas of work among foreigners. There are many professions available for women in Qatar, but most of them work in sports, mostly fitness trainers or yoga instructors. Of course, for this profession you need to know English. The sphere of beauty is also quite popular

  •       cosmetologists
  •       make-up artists
  •       barbers

Of course, there is no experience here. Work in the office is popular among men, although this work has its own characteristics in Qatar – for work in the office, employers can pay attention to knowledge of Arabic (as the official language of Qatar-Arabic), and some companies choose workers on the basis of gender. Many men work as builders or oil producers. Professionalism in this work is necessary in the first place. Doctors are needed everywhere and Qatar is no exception, employers even hire medical workers with an average level of qualification. Also, a certain feature of working in Qatar is that you can not just come here and get a job, you must first enter into an employment contract with your employer, as well as a special visa for entry and exit from the country. And of course employers pay attention to the experience of their potential employee.

How to find a job in Qatar

To find a job in Qatar, mostly use special sites where you can find suitable vacancies based on your experience and qualifications. Also for job search it is possible to involve the corresponding experts who will help with search of vacancy registration of all visas, search of the employer and other nuances. There are also companies which provide to the worker not only housing, but also the translator if the foreigner does not speak Arabic.

Salaries in Qatar and a little about the mentality

Given that Qatar is a fairly rich country with a high level of GDP and, accordingly, life, workers can count on a decent wage. 4-5 thousand dollars – such a minimum wage can be calculated by qualified foreign workers. Unskilled workers (maids, or other domestic staff) can expect a maximum salary of $ 600, given that the minimum wage in Qatar is $ 400. Now let’s deal with the mentality of the local population because it is very important. Qataris are considered polite, tolerant of foreigners. But in Qatar, “alcoholics” are treated very negatively. In this country, you can not just come to any store and ask to buy alcohol. Drinking alcohol in public places is also prohibited. It is also not recommended to dress in public in overly revealing clothes. also this country is very religious.


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