Kashmir Facing Prolonged Power Outages: NC


SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Tuesday rued pesky power supply in Kashmir, saying the acute power supply is tormenting people.

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This was said by the Party Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar while expressing concern over the electricity crisis in Kashmir. “In spite of the government promising to provide round the clock and as per schedule electricity, consumers across Kashmir continue to face unprecedented power outages. With a massive dip in temperature and the entire valley reeling through sub-zero temperatures, people are hardly getting any relief from the electricity department. Instead what they get at the end of the month are inflated electricity bills,” he said.

Given the scenario of power situation in cities and townships is so poor, Imran said it is anyone’s guess, what the situation must be in the hinterland. “The current situation has dashed the hopes of people to get improved and uninterrupted power supply. The concerned department isn’t following a particular load shedding schedule whereas the government continues to remain unmoved. Providing relief to people, unfortunately, isn’t on the to-do-list of the incumbent administration. It seems people’s suffering will continue this winter too,” he said.

With no indication of improvement in the near future, Imran said the patients, students and the old are under tremendous stress due to the hide and seek of electricity. While common consumers including the students are bearing the brunt of the unscheduled power cuts, the crisis has hit the traders the most, especially those associated with tourism, and other sectors,” he added.

He added that the situation has gone from bad to worse during the past few weeks. “Power cuts are more frequent and extended during the evening hours.

The situation in the rural areas is far worse and most of the villages and townships don’t get electricity for hours together. Irked by the frequent power cuts, the people have started taking to streets to protest against the power shortage. What is further depressing, is the laid back attitude of this administration,” he added.


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