Quarry workers protest on Sunday

SRINAGAR: Quarry holders on Sunday staged a protest against the government for banning stone quarrying activities in Athwajan and Pantha Chowk and demanded immediate revocation of the ban.

The quarry holders under the banner of “United Quarry Association” were carrying the banners reading ‘ Revoke ban on stone quarrying activities and relieve us from the pain’.

The protesters raised slogans in favour of the justice and demanded the authorities to revoke the ban at the earliest. “Government should either provide us jobs, shops or compensation as we are rendered jobless at homes,” said a protester.

Nazir Ahmad, President of the ‘United Quarry Association’ said that the government is

Quarry workers of Athwajan and Patha Chowk protesting against ban in Srinagar on Sunday. KL Image: Ishtiyak Magrayqu

pushing them towards starvation.”People associated with this are being forced to face hardships due to the government ban imposed illegally on the stone quarrying activities. The ban should be revoked at the earliest for the well being of the poor laboures”.

“The government didn’t even bother to see what happened to the quarry holders after the ban, “he said.

The protesters later appealed to the government to look into the suffering of the quarry holders and revoke the ban at the earliest so the people affiliated with the work could feel a sigh of relief.


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