Rabid Dogs Create Havoc In Bemina

KL Report
Three children were bitten by rabid dogs Wednesday at Bemina triggering panic in the area suburb with many scared of coming out of their houses as the stray pack kept prowling there throughout the day.
Witnesses told KNS that some stray dogs attacked passer-by who ever came their way. The worst scene was a witnessed in the morning at SDA colony where a group of school children was waiting for bus to reach school.
The locals complained that even though hundreds of dogs’ are prowl in the area, the authorities had failed to check the menace.
“For the past three years, the SMC admits that the stray dog population has reached alarming proportions with over one lakh and growing dogs prowling in the City. Still, the corporation has failed to act,” A local Nazir Ahmad, told KNS.
“The dog issue needs to be dealt with seriously or else by four years dogs may not outnumber srinagarities they can victimize ever one of us,” he said.


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