Kuka Parrey Indulged In Massacres On The Behest Of Army: Akbar Lone

KL Report


In a startling revelation, Minister for Higher Education Mohammad Akbar Lone Wednesday said that Police is helpless before Army as it is adopting delay tactics to get Army personnel punished who killed two youth in cold blood at Markundal area of Bandipora district.

“Army gunned down two youth in my Constituency in Markundal area. I lodged murder case against them but police is adopting delay tactics to get these ‘killers’ punished. Police is helpless before Army and it is this helplessness that till date not a single Army man has been punished,” Lone told news gathering agency CNS adding that A.

He said that it is the inaction of police department towards erring Army personnel that people now firmly believe that normy is still in league with renegades (Ikhwani) to disrupt peace in Valley one on earth could prosecute and punish the Army for their carnages and misdeeds.

“Army is eager and hell-bent to revive ‘Ikhwani Raj’ in Kashmir. It was Indian Army, which encouraged Ikhwani’s especially Kuka Parrey and indulged in death and destruction. It is an open secret that at the behest of Indian Army, Kuka Parrey went on rampage and indulged in scores of carnages. How his son can justify the actions of his father when every Kashmiri knows how Kuka Parrey murdered the people of Kashmir,” he said adding that his both sons are equally responsible for the killing of innocent Kashmiri people and the property they have acquired belongs to people of Kashmir.

National Conference senior leader said Army in league with Ikhwani’s are enacting drama in his Sonawari constituency and instigate youth for stone pelting. “People are satisfied the way I have developed my Constituency. There is no issue against me but Ikhwani’s and Army are one and they are instigating people against me. Now PDP has joined hands with them and all are hell bent to tarnish my image,” Lone said adding that he took stand against Kuka Parrey in 1996 at a time when no one dared to utter a single word against the dreaded renegade.


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