Rahul Gandhi’s Rape Statement In Kashmir, Delhi Police Seeks Details

SRINAGAR: In an interesting development, Delhi Police is seeking details of the statement Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made in Srinagar during the conclusion of the Bharat Jodo Yatra, more than three fortnights ago. A police team is visiting the Gandhi scion’s Delhi residence to seek information for a mandatory follow-up.

“Rahul Gandhi gave a statement in Srinagar on January 30 that during the Yatra he met several women and they told him that they had been raped,” Special CP Law and Order Sagar Preet Hooda told reporters outside Gandhi’s Delhi residence. “We are trying to get details from him so that justice can be given to victims”.

Hooda said it was important for the police to know whether any woman from Delhi eyed her message to Rahul Gandhi. “There might be a possibility of the involvement of minors also,” he said, insisting that, in that case, the law will have to take its own course. And justice can be delivered.

Police said they sent two notices to Gandhi on March 15 and March 16, seeking a meeting to gather the details. Police said they waited for hours to get a chance to meet the opposition leader.

“In one particular case, I asked a girl, she had been raped, I asked her should we call the police, she said that don’t call the police then I will be shamed,” Gandhi had said in Srinagar, according to the Delhi Police.

Congress has reacted by saying they will respond to the notices in due course f time. “We will respond to the notice in the due course per law,” Congress tweeted. “This notice is yet another proof of a govt in panic and their latest salvo to weaken democracy, women empowerment, freedom of expression and role of the opposition.”

Post Script

Delhi Police waited for two hours and met Rahu Gandhi. “We held a meeting with Rahul Gandhi. He said he needs some time and will give us the information which we’ve asked for,” Hooda was quoted saying. “Today we have served a notice which has been accepted by his office and if questioning needs to be done then we will do it.”


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