Raising questions about Prince Salam’s visit to India has exposed secular parties: Er Rasheed


Accusing national parties of doing politics of convenience, AIP President Er Rasheed on Thursday said that former Home Minister P. Chidambaram’s statement that many Indians need Kashmir but not Kashmiris is nothing but an attempt to keep Majority community in Jammu and Kashmir in good humour.

The spokesman said that while thoughts, views and designs of BJP and right-wing forces are known to all, it is shameful that parties including Congress, BSP, SP, Jantadal and other parties are not far behind to BJP in adding fuel to the fire and are trying to stop BJP from gaining political dividends from Pulwama incident by talking often in a harder tune than the hardliners.

The politics of convenience being played by these parties is visible on TV screens when their leaders speak more than BJP about taking revenge and abusing all resistance voice in Jammu & Kashmir.

“What P. Chidambaram has said is absolutely true but at the same time, Congress needs to answer that what compelled the party to criticize Narendra Modi for hugging Saudi Crown Prince Shahzada Salman. While Congress leaves no opportunity to gain sympathy of Muslims in entire India, but by raising unwanted question over Prince Salman’s visit to India, the party has exposed itself as cornering Narendra Modi for hugging Prince Salman is just to give a notion to the majority community in India that Congress hates Saudi rulers for their relations with Pakistan,” the spokesman quoted Er Rasheed as saying.

Rasheed also condemned the alleged murder of Pakistani prisoner Shakrullah who was beaten to death by his inmates in central Jail Jaipur. Rasheed said “Beating an unarmed helpless prisoner to death has no justification and proves the fact that the politics of hate-redness and revenge is crossing all limits and this stupidity may escalate further tension between the two countries. In this situation, Kashmiris are rightly worried about the security and fate of Kashmiris lodged in Jails outside Kashmir.”


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