Raja Muzaffar leaves politics;rejoins RTI movement


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The J&K Right to Information (RTI) Movement has demanded that the body of Mohammad Afzal Guroo should be brought back to Kashmir.

In a statement the spokesman of RTI Movement quoting  Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat said that ‘it was tragic to hear that sad news about the execution of Mohammad Afzal Guroo in Tihar jail . He said that It is clear now that New Delhi hardly cares for the sentiments of Kashmiris and the so called India’s National Interests are much more important than Kashmir for them.

Dr Muzaffar added that the Hindu vote bank was drifting away from Congress due to emergence of Narinder Modi. “So in order to consolidate that vote bank Afzal Guroo was finally sent to gallows just before the upcoming General elections”, he added.

Shahnawaz Sultan Chief Organise of RTI Movement said that Kashmir issue is not an ordinary issue as this issue can even trigger a nuclear war between two big nations.

Meanwhile General Secretary  of RTI Movement Mohammad Ramzan Khan  along with large number of RTI Activists have welcomed Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat for again taking the reins of J&K RTI Movement after resigning from the mainstream politics on Feb 9th in his protest against hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guroo.

Khan said that Dr Muzaffar could better serve people of state through his activism and social work and the activists of RTI Movement had been missing his leadership and style of working since he had joined politics 5 months back.

He added that RTI Movement will continue with its work on issues related to corruption and injustice in the state and very soon a general body meeting of the Movement will be held to chalk out the strategy and the programme.


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