Rajouri: Gau Rakshaks thrash, severely injure 70-yr-old, take away his cash


A 70-year-old man was badly thrashed and left to die by gau rakshaks in Rajouri district, reports said.

Lal Hussain, a nomadic Gujjar from Bakori, in Rajouri district is still clueless why he got attacked a couple of days back.

Reports quoting Hussain, said he was attacked by a group of men while he was on his way to a local bank. Hussain says he doesn’t have any cows, only two buffaloes. He had some sheep and goats, but he sold these about a fortnight ago for Rs 1.5 lakh. In fact, he was on his way to the bank to deposit the money.

Hussain said there was a youth with a cow walking in front of him and the mob might have mistaken that it was his cow.

“I had walked about eight kilometres when I noticed a youth with a cow… I started walking faster to meet him, but some people suddenly came from behind the bushes and started beating me with sticks… I fell unconscious,’’ he reportedly told media persons.

He also complained that the mob took away his bag which had the cash, his cell phone, and even his shawl before throwing him into a drain.


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