Ram Madhav

Ram-MadhavSo much is happening in Gupkar these days that even 7-Race Road is feeling strung-up. Somebody’s phone is catching the signals of someone’s secret plane. So when Ram Madhav was at it once again, it was ‘snoopy’ Omar who blew the cover over the secret pact inside Fairview.

But amid these secret planes and pacts, one thing is for sure: February 2016 is no February 2015. Equations stand changed – so is the top shift. But as the daughter is doing it in Dad’s way, Modi’s best bet is back in Kashmir—doing what he already did, once: wooing the reticent.

Lately, when Ram Madhav had his ‘dusky’ Kashmir arrival along with IB guys—as NC made one to believe, the old RSS pracharak, now BJP’s secretary general, was perhaps strolling his way to another political stroke.

Last year, when Mufti Sr was around, Madhav also had a tough time to break the deadlock. But then, there was no Rajnath Singh, calling, instructing him midway during his meeting with Mehbooba—listen, not know! But when the reticence reached to a different level in days to come, BJP was too desperate to put him back to saddle.

But before playing a role of a facilitator between two-poles-apart parties, the man from Andhra Pradesh’s Amalapuram was addressing his political cravings by doing post-graduation in political science from Mysore University. But what stood him apart was his foot-soldiering as RSS ideologue. He later rose to become the national executive of the Sangh before being appointed as one of BJP’s national general secretaries in 2014.

Back to Gupkar. After locating unscheduled VTJSG flight hovering over Kashmir skies, Omar was quick to sniff that something is cooking at the far end of Gupkar. But once the minutes of the meeting came out, the much-touted public posturing appeared more of a political stunt.

By the time Madhav was back to Delhi, ice had melted. And to ensure that, Fairview deputed a top PDP man to Delhi for a quick follow up.

So as stalement is about to end, NC seems to have a point: Why is the Intelligence Bureau playing such an open role in the internal political machinations between two political allies? Is this not a gross misuse of Government machinery and institutions? Maybe, Fairview should speak now.

-Riyaz Ul Khaliq


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