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MLA Langate Saturday said that Mufti Sayeed led government should treat ‘succesful strike’ in Kashmir as warning shot against what he called as “nefarious designs”. He asked Kashmiri migrant Pandits to apologize as they left majority community in Kashmir at themercy of gun.

Rasheed said, “Kashmiri Pandits must seek unconditional apology from the majority community for migration and leaving them behind at the mercy of guns , grenades, bullets , crack-downs , PSAs, AFSPA, custodial killings, rapes, murders, forced labor, custodial disappearances, humiliations and rule of lawlessness.”

He appreciated those Pandit organsations and intellectuals who don’t want to be part of conspiracy regarding settlement of Kashmiri Pandits but at the same time said that it is high time for whole Kashmiri Pandit community that “they must introspect and confess that their decision to leave valley in early 90s was not only a big blunder but breach of trust towards the Kashmiri Muslims”.

 “Let Kashmiri Pandits understand that they should not have left the valley under worst circumstances, had they been real Kashmiri nationalists. Let Kashmiri Pandits not seek return like tourists but should return to live and die with Muslim brothers under all eventualities,”. Er Rasheed further added.

He said, “Children of Kashmiri Pandits got education, jobs and packages while children’s of Muslims in Kashmir got graveyards and were always humiliated and labeled as anti-nationals, stone-pelters, and agents of neighbouring country who were booked under PSAs even for seeking Sadak, Pani and Bijli.

“Who were day dreaming and claiming that Kashmiris have surrendered everything, should now rethink about their opinion and take concrete time bound measures to resolve all the burning issues mainly that of resolution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with the principle of justice and wishes of Kashmiri people,” Rasheed said.

“Let New-Delhi restrain from diverting the attention of international community from the real issue, by creating a communal atmosphere on settlement of Kashmiri Pandits and citizen rights to West Pakistan Refugees. World community and sensible citizens in India need to understand that government of India is not interested in settling Kashmiri Pandits but is working on the comprehensive plan to defame, humiliate, disgrace and discredit majority community in Jammu & Kashmir,” he said according to a statement issued by Rasheed’s party.

Kashmiri Pandits need to collect the courage to see that the  dozens of hamlets in Pir Panchal region, Karnah, Keran, Uri and at  other places who were forced to migrate in early 90s to Pakistan by the army and other security agencies, the statement quoted Rasheed as having said. He also asked CM Mufti Muhammad Sayeed to “come out of confusion and at least forget the directions saying every time ‘YES’ to New-Delhi’s nefarious plans and designs”.

He futher added let Mufti not become like late Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah and speak double standards.



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