Rasheed ends his day-long fast, appeals students to make education their first priority


Appealing students to return to their studies and avoid often taking to streets, independent leader and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Saturday said that New Delhi is losing every moral battle in Kashmir.

The spokesman said that after completing day-long fast in Srinagar today along with dozens of his colleagues while talking to media Er Rasheed said “from pro-resistance leadership to common men every Kashmiri has a deep desire that our children who are victims of conflict should get the best education. Despite all propaganda, Kashmiri youth has proved its worth not only in competitive exams but outside India as well.

Amid rains, Legislator Engineer Rasheed observed hunger strike against alleged atrocities on April 20, in Srinagar,  

He said that Kashmiri scholars and scientists have performed miracles and wonders in various fields. Despite frequent strikes, facing humiliation on daily basis at the hands of government forces Kashmiri students have been doing far better than anyone else in routine exams. There is no dearth of enemies of Kashmir who want Kashmiris to deprive of education and are using it as a well designed and well-crafted measure to make it a campaign that Kashmiris want schools and colleges closed frequently. While students have every right to express their sentiments and they must on rare occasions carryout peaceful processions but need not to forget that getting an education and improving their talent has to be their basic objective and political matters should be left to the leaders.

Rasheed while accusing a section of J&K Police of carrying out brutalities on their own people including students, appealed families of policemen to intervene and ask their bread earners working in J&K police to show restraint and not forget that they are part of the society and cannot always fight their own people through bullets and pallets and still run away.

“Every single cop needs to realize that hundreds of policemen too have lost their near and dear ones at the hands of forces or during protests seeking the right to self-determination and kids of policemen too are also part of the protests everywhere, as being Kashmiris they have the same sentiments as that of every Kashmiri. They must ask their masters louder and clear that whatsoever is happening in J&K is not a law and order problem but a political issue and New Delhi has no moral right to pitch Kashmiris against each other” spokesman quoted Er Rasheed saying.

Rasheed also appealed the masses and students in particular not to allow the communal and fringe elements in Jammu any chance to communalize the situation or create hurdles in delivering justice for the 8-year-old Kathua victim. Er, Rasheed thanked all those including media persons, students and prominent citizens who visited the site of protest despite heavy rains and expressed their solidarity.


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