Rasheed fears Kashmiri Students Might be Used as Scapegoats, Will Hold Solidarity March



ER Rasheed beng detained by JK Police at Pantha Chowk on Tuesday. He was on his way to Pulwama.
ER Rasheed beng detained by JK Police at Pantha Chowk on Tuesday. He was on his way to Pulwama.

Independent lawmaker Er Rasheed Tuesday condemned the arrest of Prof SAR Geelani and apprehended that to hide whatsoever is happening in JNU it may make Kashmiri students as “scapegoats” in JNU and in other institutions.

Rasheed while addressing a press conference here said, “let New Delhi read writing on the wall and restrain from stopping the intellectual class of India from telling truth about Kashmir. Despite the fact that Congress and BJP are trying to use JNU issue for political gains, all the major political parties are claiming that pro-Kashmir and pro-Afzal slogans were raised by a bunch of miscreants, which is not the fact. The biased national media which often ignores the atrocities on Kashmiris and even didn’t bothered to say a word about brutalities in Pulwama, was forced to cry and show pictures how hundreds of students hailing from every nook and corner of India were raising slogans against Afzal and Maqbool Bhat’s hangings and showing their strong venom against their own state. The incidents in JNU have proven that Afzal and Maqbool are alive even after their hangings and state has miserably failed to prove them terrorists.”

“Whatsoever is happening from JNU campus to Delhi’s Courts should act as an eye opener for all those who have been branding Kashmiris as anti-nationals and traitors only for the reason that they seek resolution to Kashmir issue. Let the ultra-nationalist forces understand that they should give up arrogance and ask GoI to resolve Kashmir dispute before it is too late,” he added.

Rasheed reminded that not only Congress MLAs but PDP MLAs had also indorsed his stand on Afzal Guru on eve of seeking my support for Rajya Sabha and Council elections last year, as such Congress and PDP’s ally BJP can’t label the brave hearted students of JNU as “anti-national for raising voice in favour of Afzal Guru”.

On the occasion, Rasheed announced that his party will carry out a peaceful march in Srinagar on Wednesday in solidarity with the students of JNU.

He asked J&K police to revisit its policies towards Kashmiris and try to analyze from the comments of leading jurist Mr Soli Sarabji that whatsoever happened in JNU is not sedition.

Earlier, Rasheed was detained at Pantha Chowk by a heavy contingent of police on his way to Pulwama to condole the death of Shaista and Danish and was brought to his residence.


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