Rasheed seeks mass accountability in government, asset verification

by Aarif Shah


Independent lawmaker and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Monday said that people have every right to know about the known and unknown assets of Government servants and public representatives.

While addressing a press conference in Srinagar Er Rasheed said “Some time back a section of national TV channels had started a character assassination campaign against me by claiming me having assets within and outside the state, following which I had written a request to Speaker Legislative Assembly asking for investigating all such allegations. However, when speaker paid no heed to my request I requested state accountability commission to investigate my all assets and other properties. I treat it my moral to make the orders passed by state accountability commission public through this press conference. Since state accountability commission has maintained that it can’t take cognizance of my complaint unless someone other than me doesn’t submit a complaint, I appeal and urge speaker legislative assembly and chief minister to investigate my assets, so that the false propaganda by a section of media against me is investigated”.

Rasheed said that “I want to appeal the government to set a commission to investigate the properties of bureaucrats and public representatives so that their credibility is maintained as there is a notion among people that all of them are fraudsters.”

“Everyone is aware of the fact that allegations leveled against me were politically motivated and I was even dragged to New Delhi along with few separatist leaders. Those who have looted the resources of the state and public money are having a complete blessing from New Delhi and nobody dares to touch these Babus and Neetas,” said Rasheed.

Rasheed alleged that undoubtedly most of the politicians have made huge wealth and same is the case with government servants serving at prestigious postings in civil and police administration.

Rashid alleged that there are many people who have illegally occupied public property by misusing their power and authority.

” From Pahalgam to Gulmarg and Gupkar to Jammu public property has been occupied illegally by some  officials and politicians.”

“from all retired bureaucrats to serving bureaucrats, former Chief minister’s to serving Chief minister and all the MPs and MLA’s should public their known and unknown assets so that truth shall prevail. “

Meanwhile, Engineer Rashid also requested Hurriyat leaders must also make their assets public for the reason that people have a lot of respect and faith in them and the propaganda against resistance leadership needs to be countered with facts and figures.

Responding to a question regarding Asifa rape and murder case Rashid said that ” it’s a shameful moment for whole India for protecting a rapist under the national flag.”


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