Rashid Engineer Back Into Well For Beef Bill



Independent lawmaker Engineer Rashid who was attacked by the BJP in the morning is back to the house, this time with a poster in red seeking immediate discussion on the beef bill.

Rashid’s return to the house marked a literal illumination as every flashlight of every camera was on him. He tried to make ruckus but was asked by Hakeem Yaseen to stay cool. He later walked into the well of the house silently in protest.

Prior to his return for his bill, NC lawmaker Ali Mohammad Sagar, seconded by Muhammad Akbar Lone, took up the issue of the impending bills. He told the Speaker Kavinder Gupta that the way he is permitting calling attentions to become a debate, he seemingly is uninterested in permitting the bill to be taken up. Then, Sagar read from the assembly rule book about his the house should treat pieces of bills.

There are 14 bills listed in the day long business. Mostly private member bills, there are two government bills too. There are two bills seeking amending the bovine slaughter related provisions of the Ranbir Penal Code. These were introduced by communist leader Yousuf Tarigami and three NC lawmakers Ali Sagar, Akbar Lone and Mian Altaf.


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