Rashid played politics over Guroo’s issue: BJP

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Bhartiya Janata Party Monday said that Congress party must explain to the nation why in Jammu and Kashmir it issued a statement admitting the guilt of not allowing Muhammad Afzal Guroo’s family to meet him before his execution in Tihar Jail.

BJP National Executive Member, Dr Nirmal Singh told CNS that the statement regarding Afzal Guroo was issued by Congress legislators to secure the vote of Engineer Rashid for Ghulam Nabi Azad for Rajya Sabha seat.

“MLA Langate Abdul Rashid Sheikh had already decided to cast his vote in favour of Azad and to in a bid to save his skin and give an impression to the people of Kashmir he is their well-wisher, he appealed Congress leadership to fulfill a formality and issue a statement in favour of Afzal Guroo,” he said adding that people of the State are mature enough to differentiate between good and dirty politics.

“Engineer Rashid befooled the people over Afzal Guroo issue. It was not BJP but the Congress legislators who scuttled the resolution of Afzal Guroo in State Assembly. Despite knowing the fact he cast vote in favour of Congress candidate,” he said adding that both Congress party and Engineer Rashid played politics over Guroo’s issue.

Taking a dig on Congress party for issuing a statement in which it was stated that not allowing Guroo’s family to meet him before his execution was a mistake, Dr Nirmal Singh said that why Congress party admitted their mistake after two years and why it acted as a mute spectator that time. “Congress party must explain to the nation why it has been playing politics over Afzal Guroo’s issue,” he questioned.

Singh also castigated Azad for maligning the image of IPS officers and said that Rajya Sabha elections were conducted in a free and fair atmosphere.

Responding to a question, BJP legislator said that formal talks with PDP over government formation will start after few days and hopefully both the parties will jointly form the government in the State.


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