Appeal: Help This Family

SRINAGAR: We have received this communication from Infaaq Foundation, a small charity group that is engaged in managing help to the individuals in distress.

“This is a story of a couple and their only ninth grade daughter. This is a story of white-collar poverty, which off late, has become more an urban phenomenon in Kashmir. This is a story of the proverbial Safed Posh who is broken beyond repair but is forced to put up a brave face.”

This unfortunate man, in his late forties, was doing a private job which he lost about a year back. All attempts to find a new reasonably decent job failed. Ultimate the family had to pawn their family heirloom to make both ends meet. They took a “gold loan” from a private bank just to sustain themselves, hoping to get a job soon. Costly as it was, the man had but no choice. The loan was to be paid last month. Unpaid, it is now attracting an exorbitant rate of interest. The amount repayable as of now is touching three lakh. And the meter is ticking fast.

The small nuclear family lives in an undivided inherited house property of two and a half rooms. They need our help to release the only wealth they have had. They need our help to make them stand up again. They have no other option left. Tragically, they cannot ask anybody for help.

Here are The Infaaq Foundation account numbers.

General Donations: 0204040100016073 (IFSC Code: JAKA0SOOURA) J&K Bank

Zakat: 0933010970000002 (IFSC Code: JAKA0BULVAD) J&K Bank”


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