Rehmat Lane, Umarabad Residents Aghast Over Road Condition

SRINAGAR: Residents of Rehmat Lane, Umarabad Srinagar are suffering due to extremely poor condition of the link road, which has turned from bad to worse in the last few years.

Locals of the area expressed resentment against authorities for having failed to blacktop the lane which connects people to the main highway.

“We have been requesting the macadamisation of the road for quite some time now. However, authorities consistently choose to ignore our requests,” said Zubair Hakeem, a local.

“The road is filled with potholes. The condition worsens in winters when the dilapidated road turns into a pool,” said another local Abu Bakar adding that authorities should take immediate steps to restore the damaged road even if temporarily for the time being.

They said it becomes difficult to tread on the road at evening as one doesn’t know which pothole, one will fall into.

The locals have appealed the higher authorities to look into the matter and redress their problems.


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