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Syed Ali Geelani

Hurriyat Conference (g) Tuesday in a statement issued stressed people to remain cautious about “deceitful politics of state rulers” and said that we are striving for a sacred cause and they want to derail our just movement by their shameful tactics.

“Suppressed nations while striving for greater cause never show their interest in their deceit and said that on one hand these rulers are very desperate to see us disassociating from our cherished movement and on other they in order to twist whole situation portray all our efforts as if we are very inquisitive to see roads and buildings being constructed, despite peoples struggle for freedom,” the statement read.

“Suppressed and subjugated nations, despite all odds pursue their cherished goal, said Hurriyat, and while strongly condemning the puppet rulers for their treacherous character, said that they are very desperate to confuse the common masses and in their campaign against movement and resistance camp are luring common people by their hollow sloganeering about so-called construction and development,” the statement added.

Urging people to safeguard the sacrifices of people especially young generation, who have been blinded, killed and maimed the statement said that suppressed nations always priorities freedom struggle and have rejected the amenities and facilities provided by puppet rulers as these are just aimed to disturb our cherished movement.

Asking people to take care of the sacrifices, particularly during last five months, the statement said that state rulers unleashed a reign of terror and killed more than one hundred innocent and maimed and blinded hundreds. “Uncivilised forces torched our properties, razed down hundreds of houses and set ablaze fruits and paddy.”

Ridiculing state administration for their Scooty and Ujala schemes, the statement added that it is ridiculous that those responsible for snatching eyesight from innocents are trying to lure innocent masses through these lollypops.

“They are adding salt to our already sore injuries and making a fun of innocent blood of our martyrs. Hurriyat said that development and construction is not a priority for subjugated nations but we as custodians of unparallel sacrifices rendered by our youth are obliged to pursue the footprints of our martyrs.”

“The rulers have always used the slogan of development and construction as a tool to befoul masses but it is not more than a political gimmick and they are coining all these slogans to derive pleasure from the berths of seat and power.”

Asking people to take notice of the atrocities being perpetrated under the garb of ‘Battle of Idea’ and said thousands of ailing, elderly and teenagers are languishing in detention centers.

They for their mean interests are on one hand creating hurdles in legal proceedings and delaying the release of innocent people and on the other hand trampling all ethics, are issuing domicile certificates to non-resident refugees.

Asking people to raise their voices and stand against this ploy, the statement said we have to resist all these unjustified and unlawful measures and it is obligatory for us to save our identity and keep flame of memories of our beloved ones alive.


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