Restoration Of 1952 Position Will Fulfill The Aspiration Of People: National Conference

KL Report


While reiterating the party stand that Autonomy is the only constitutional approved document and the party will continue to fight for restoration of sovereign character of the state, Provincial president of National Conference Nasir Aslam Wani said, “We have to end the hostility that one can feel between the two neighboring countries and its only National Conference and its demand for the restoration of autonomy that can and will be the beginning of a tomorrow where both the neighboring countries would be wedded into a common market.”

In a workers convention at Baramulla which was attended by Party Additional General secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, Party provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani and district President Baramulla Javed Dar the leaders emphasized that the only way to ensure a peaceful solution is to restore the autonomy in its entirely.

As per a statement Nasir has said, “If autonomy is restored then Jammu and Kashmir can provide an antidote against the animosity, bitterness and mistrust that last six decades have created between India, Pakistan and Kashmir” and added, “NC is the only party which can end the animist, anger and uncertainty that last sixty five years have created but for that autonomy in its entirety should be restored.”

Lashing out at the opposition the Provincial president has said, “The same people who are trying to hoodwinking the people with green flags and selling false dreams are the ones who are responsible for creating a situation that we are facing right now” adding “These people who claim to be the guardian of people’s rights are the ones who changed parties like weathers and eroded or were party to the erosion of the constitution, used Article 357 to dismiss the duly elected governments.”

He has further said, “Let me assure you that under the leadership of Chief Minister and working president Omar Abdullah the party will continue its political fight for the restoration of sovereign character of the state and protect the rights of the people.”

In his address the party general Secretary Dr Mustafa Kamal has said, “We work and follow the guidelines of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, it’s his sacrifices that has given the people the right to live with dignity and honour,” and added, “Sheikh sahib spent decades in prison but never compromised on his principles and we will do anything and everything possible to continue to fight for your political rights.”

National Conference has always worked as a bridge between the two countries said the Provincial president adding that they will continue to play their role in bringing the two countries closer for resolving all outstanding issues including the Kashmir issue.


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