Restrictions Lifted on Travel to Gurez Valley

KL Report


Keeping in view the enormous tourism potential of Gurez valley, the government has lifted travel restrictions for the citizens to visit 24 villages, namely, Koragbal, Gulshanpora, Kanzalwan, Badwan, Wanpora, Khopri, Khandiyal, Dawar, Mastan, Markoot, Shahpora Balla, Shahpora Payeen, Zedgy, PTL, Jurniyal, Jawdera, Neeroo, Budugam, Saradad, Gundgul Sheikh, Malangam, Buduab, Gujran and Abdullan, an official statement said on Thursday.

“The tourists and people visiting these areas and villages would be required to submit a copy of valid document issued by any Government agency or Public Sector Undertaking, as proof of their identity. However, the natives of Gurez valley have been exempted from such process and they would not be required to submit any such document as proof of their identity,” the statement said.


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